New Face on Blog #Vaccines #Mandated Vaccines #Adverse Reactions To Vaccines

In order to maintain high visibility and blog traffic, I have found it necessary to upgrade my blog. Very shortly, when logging onto the webpage, you will find a whole new look to my blog.

I hope you find the new blog easier to maneuver and as with many requests, added social media tools.

In order to maintain the online visibility upgrade, I have incurred some expenses. I hope the discounts through merchants on my new web page doesn’t offend anyone.

The blog has grown to a point where we have some very talented, experienced contributors from many parts of the world.

I could not be happier with such high quality articles and Q & A sessions.

There is no question that many vaccine injured will receive greater help and lets all hope fewer vaccine injured in the future. A prayer that so many injured have hoped would come to pass.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming changes and New Years blog posts.

It‘s been a pleasure hearing from so many of you. I look forward to your continued comments.

Your Friend,

jen vranes 🙂

A Health Note From Me #Vaccines #Adverse Reactions From Vaccines #Family Health

I am so grateful to live in a country where so many freedoms exist and so many good people continue to fight to uphold.  A constitution that allows me to put my God at the helm in my health studies.

How many scientists, doctors, researchers and everyday individuals have been led, guided and held up through tough times through their belief and faith in God.

I have had some unique health situations here and there over the past twenty-four years.  At times I felt it was unfair, I was too young, too busy with work and little ones. After personal health research, I am amazed at what I have been able to learn, and to heal in many ways as well as be sustained in the process.  Just for me and my personal health pursuits.

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father’s kindness, guidance and love and to know that all who reach out to him can be just as blessed.