FDA Pertussis Vaccine Study Shatters Illusion of Vaccine-Induced Immunity #Vaccines #Mandated Vaccines #Adverse Reactions To Vaccines

November 10, 2013

By Barbara Loe Fisher

It was 1977 when I found out I was going to become a Mom. I instinctively knew I needed to be careful while I was pregnant, especially during the first two trimesters when the major organ systems of the fetus develop at a rapid rate. In the 1960’s there had been a lot of publicity about babies dying or being born without arms or legs because women had taken a drug (Thalidomide) for morning sickness in the first or second trimester of pregnancy1 and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to protect my health and the health of my baby before and after he was born.

Mothers to be in my generation were told to take extra vitamins and eat nutritious food but, most of all, to avoid anything that could harm the developing fetus like alcohol, cigarette smoke, medications, radiation, household cleaning products and other toxic exposures. Some of us were aware of the risks of heavy anesthesia during delivery and signed up for Lamaze classes to prepare for a drug-free birth, which many obstetricians discouraged, and we chose to breastfeed, even though a lot of pediatricians were pushing formula and bottles back then…

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  There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from individuals that have witnessed changes in standard health recommendations over the decades without a vested interest.  I once heard the suggestion, “If you want to be good at something then study from those who are successful at that particular skill.” This quote sounds like the obvious but how often do “experts” rely on a biased, financially lucrative view or put trust and base their word on organizations that with a small amount of research prove questionable? I would think when giving health advice to pregnant woman that it should truly be the best and proven healthy advice.


The Only Credible Cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Is Vaccines #Vaccines #Adverse Reactions To Vaccines #SIDS

There seems to be little investigation into the SIDS phenonmenon, in spite of the fact that it is the leading cause of death in babies born healthy! Could that be because it’s caused by vaccines?

Asian Infant Cryingby Heidi Stevenson

In the study documenting higher infant death rates with greater numbers of vaccines(1), the authors also investigated sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This is a new classification of death for babies found dead for no known reason. It was implemented in 1973.

There seems to be little investigation into the SIDS phenonmenon, in spite of the fact that it is the leading cause of death from 1-12 months of age!

If you want accurate information in regards to SIDS then include this article in your studies.


SBS/SIDS Index: (Shaken Baby Syndrome) (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) #SBS #SIDS #Adverse Reactions To Vaccines

Vaccination Liberation – Information

There are many medical conditions that can mimic Shaken Baby Syndrome. A good understanding can be obtained by reading the original of the two articles below…

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HPV Vaccine + Teens + Pre-Teens + Now Infants = $$$ #Adverse Reactions To Vaccines #HPV #Vaccines

Pharmaceutical manufacturer, Gardasil, is getting away with selling unproven vaccines to teens, preteens and is now pushing the drugs on infants.

Don’t count on those along the money trail to protect your children. Other parents whose children have been victimized by this drug plead for other parents to study it out.

This excellent article located at the above link paints a more accurate picture than any 30 second commercial or poster in a high school hallway can provide.