Hello, my name is Jennifer Vranes and I am a mother of three residing in Utah.  My husband and I have had numerous experiences in regards to vaccinating and not vaccinating.  I chose to open this blog to have a helpful discourse for those interested in performing personal research in regards to vaccinations.

Suffice it to say, I have found that there is a mountain of biased information out there pushing vaccinations.  I hope this site will provide helpful posts and links for those that prefer to have an unbiased look in regards to vaccinations.

The choice is yours. 

Your friend, jennifer  🙂

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  1. Jennifer, you are right! There is a lot of bias info and lack of the necessary research regarding this very emotional and polarizing topic. Sadly, too many parents follow blindly ‘the system’ that honestly has no concern for the well-being of our children, just the all mighty dollar generated by the pharmaceutical driven product distribution to an otherwise unsuspecting population.

    The US is now up to 68 vaccines for kids before they finish High School. 38 vaccines before they are even 2 years old! When I was a kid there were only 12 in a life time. Curiously, with this increase of vaccines (man playing with our God-given immune system) auto-immune diseases, asthma and autism have skyrocketed.

    Parents, please take the time to get educated, be selective in the vaccines you choose vs. following some Big Pharma marketing propaganda ‘Immunization Schedule’ for your children.

    Let your education start with this…”Vaccination is not Immunization.” As a matter of fact, there is a book with that title that I highly recommend. (http://www.amazon.com/Vaccination-Not-Immunization-Third-Edition/dp/1929487142/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373770814&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=vacconation+is+not+immunization)

    We have been misusing these words and they are not interchangeable.

    “Vaccine” is a concoction given or injected into an individual in the hopes of stimulating a positive immune response.

    “Immunization” is not something that CAN NOT be given. It is when our body receives exposure to a toxic organism and naturally develops a resistance to harm from any future exposure to that said organism. A vaccine is no guarantee of developing immunity. If vaccines were creating immunity, then why would we need booster shots?

    All the best in your education Journey!

    Dr. R. Jay Shetlin

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